Roosevelt is a character in Fun Size. He is portrayed by Thomas Mann.


Roosevelt seems quite a bit nerdy because he talks a bit of 'The Full Court' and history, etc...

Roosevelt seems quite shy especially when talking to Wren or people who seems out of his league and he doesn't seem quite good at standing up espicially seen in the last part of Fun Size...


Wren DeSantisEdit

Roosevelt and Wren have quite a relationship, it is very obvious that he has a crush on Wren

Laten on in the movie he reveals his true feelings about Wren to her mother, Joy, and she overhears. Near that point Roosevelt and Wren share a kiss which means that they are a 'item'


Roosevelt and Wren kissing on the porch of Wren's house

Jackie Leroux (Roosevelt's mom)Edit

Roosevelt and Jackie have quite a tight relaionship mostly noticed from tines when he's talking to her and Barb Leroux (Roosevelt's other mom) about things mostly involving Wren

Barb Leroux (Roosevelt's other mom)Edit

Roosevelt and Barb also have quite a tight relationship mostly seen from the times when he's talkig to her and Jackie about things that mostly involve Wren